La nostra famiglia – meet our family of highly trained specialists

Your wellness is our mission.​

Gennaro Dell'Aquila

creative director

Award-winning stylist Gennaro Dell’Aquila began his career at just 16 in one of the busiest salons of his hometown Napoli. His passion led him to fashion capital Milan to train at a hair academy, and eventually to London. Based at a high-end salon in Chelsea, Gennaro’s client list has included royal family members, celebrities and high-profile individuals.


Not content with the inevitable damage caused to hair during chemical processes, Gennaro set out to create and develop 100% natural, plant based alternatives that result in effortlessly luxurious, healthy hair.In 2015 he opened his first salon in Wimbledon offering up his vision and following its success, he opened GA Notting Hill in 2018, in 2019 GA Chelsea and GA London Bridge

Paolo Cappato

creative director

Paolo is a Creative Director in GA South Kensington with over 15 years experience and a great taste for beauty.

Starting his career in Italy, he worked for many years at one of most prestigious salons in Garda Lake and worked with professional models and photographers in Milan, before he decided to move to London.

Paolo approaches every visitor with individual understanding of their personality and lifestyle and creates looks that reveal the unique beauty of our clients. He is a specialist in both colour and style, creating works of art on each and every client.

Elena Rontini

creative director

Elena Rontini started this career 10 years ago, when she was 16. She started in a shop in Ravenna(Italy) where her creativity began between training and shows. In 2014 she moved to London and worked for a luxurious salon in Chelsea, for Armani and in the fashion shows in Milan and Paris. Today she is part of the GA Team as a Creative Director.


creative director

Rosanna is a Creative Director with over 15 years of experience. Her career began in Italy but soon enough she moved to London where she worked for one of the most prestigious Italian brands for 6 years. Her experience is cutting and colouring, with her styles featured in both Elle magazine – Italy and Bazaar- Spain. Her main focus when approaching colouring is preserving the natural beauty and health of the hair.



At 17 years old, Sara began her journey in hairstyling, moving from Milan to Naples. She was trained there for two years before deciding to take her journey to London. Sara has been a part of Gennaro Dell’Aquila since 2015 and has become an exceptional stylist specialising in glamorous red carpet looks.



Marco has been working in the industry for over a decade, starting his career in some of Rome’s finest salons and moving to London in 2015 to join Gennaro in making his vision a reality. Marco’s passion is in hair design. He is exceptionally talented at creating beautiful everyday looks that his clients can recreate themselves at home.



Senior Stylist Marika was born in beautiful Bari, Italy. After relocating from Italy to London, she worked in one of London's famous luxury salons before joining Gennaro Dell'Aquila in 2017.



Claudio is our Senior Stylist, coming originally from Rome. Working in one of the most luxurious salons in Rome, for over 10 years he has experienced almost everything that the hairdressing industry can offer. He joined GA at the end of 2019 to help us on our journey of changing the concept of hair into a natural process. He’s your go-to person for hair colour, shatush and has all the tips about home care.



Emanuele is a stylist with a passion for color and creating a personalized, stylish cut. He started his career in a small family salon in Calabria and studied hairdressing academy in his native Italy. The year 2016 was a year full of challenges - moving to London and working for one of the most prestigious salons in Central London made him an excellent hairstylist. Constantly looking for new experiences he decided to join GA Team. Not only the style he gives you but also his friendly and genuine personality make you want to come back again and again.



Gianmarco is originally from an elegant town Vicenza located in the northern regions of Italy. The passion and love for hairdressing was born there. As a child he dreamt to become hairdresser like his father and he did so. He started his career in the family business and in 2015, he moved to London. He worked for one of the most famous Italian brand before joining Gennaro's team. He will make sure, you will be leaving his chair with huge smile on your face.



Denise is a creative person who has a good eye for fashion trends, current styles, and the beauty of colors. She finds taking part in new courses is fundamental for her work and she thoroughly enjoys it. Attending various courses allows her to grow as a professional and gives her the possibility to give her customers the best service and experience possible. Gennaro's team aims the same goal and that's why she became an important team member in no time. Dynamic and always smiling is how she loves to live her life in and out of work.



Federico was born in Rome, Italy where he started his career 10 years ago and then moved to London in 2017. He worked for a luxurious Salon in Chelsea before joining the GA Family. The precision and attention to detail is what characterize him. Very passionate about his job and invests a lot in relationships with the clients.



Lily is from France, she started working for GA in 2021 after 10 years of experience in Annency.

Carmen Marangi


Our Head stylist is from Puglia, with over 14 years of experience in hairdressing industry. Starting her career in Italy, she worked in many prestigious salons, including Aveda. She is a specialist in blow dries, hair ups and colour.



Antonio is a senior stylist, with 11 years of experience. His career started in Sicily in 2010 for a famous salon in Catania. He decided to move to a bigger city like London in 2014, he worked for a luxury salon for 7 years, where he specialized in coloring, styling, cutting, and hair extensions. His goal is to make his client happy, which is what makes him happy.



Michael is 24 years old and at the age of 15 he already knew that the art for hair will be his career. His first steps started in Sicily, where he learnt the art of colour, cuts as well as therapeutic scalp massages. He also has an interest in male hairstyle with particular attention to beard care. He was given the opportunity to work in Milan with the brand Aldo Coppola, where he learnt many different techniques with a variety of influential clientele. After few successful years in Milan he was offered the challenge to work in London, always for Aldo Coppola, an opportunity he took with great enthusiasm and continued to grow and learn more about the art of hair. He is pretty confident on cuts and colours as well as beard care, male and female styling.



Originally coming from Romania, Bianca is a young and enthusiastic artist, who incorporates elements of creativity, vision and her unconventional personal approach in achieving professional and individualistic peaces of work. Since the time she started hairdressing at just 19 years old, she developed a special understanding for colorometry, which allows her to perform beautiful hair colours with the use of diverse techniques such as the italian Shatush or Effetto Barca. Bianca also specializes in hairstyling i.e. Blow Dries and Combings. Listening carefully to her clients' visions first, she creates great styles for different occasions, no matter if its an everyday style or a fabulous hair-up for the evening gala.



Serena comes from South Italy. She started her career in a reputable salon in her hometown where she gained experience especially in hair colours and blow-dry for 5 years, then she decides to join GA salons to progress her career and discover new hairstyle techniques and natural hair colours.



Gabriela comes from the beautiful island of Sicily, Italy. In Italy she studied fashion design which came hand in hand with finding her passion for hair and beauty. She moved to London in 2020 to start her adventure in the hair and beauty industry and now she's proud to say she became a GA apprentice.



Vincenzo started his career very early in Naples. Thanks to his passion and his efforts he worked in a few well known salons. He recently decided to move here in London to join our company and improve his skills at our Academy, having the opportunity to grow in the Beauty Industry. As of now his specialisation is in styling.


Senior Therapist

Aleksandra's career spans back over 10 years as a beautician. Having owned and managed her own business in Poland she decided to move to London 3 years ago to further expand her knowledge and gain additional skill sets and experience .She attended and completed several trainings and workshops in both Poland and the UK. She has a wealth of experience with VIP clients where she previously worked in membership only Spas in London. Aleksandra has also trained in all aspects of Beauty Therapy over these past years. In addition to her love and passion for the world of beauty, her other passion is the world of fashion; back when she was living in Poland she worked with several polish fashion designers.



Our Make-Up Artist Inna comes from Russia. She graduates the Fine Art School and immediately focuses her interest on Make-Up and Body Paint. She comes to London shortly after to pursue her passion. In her resume are works for editorial shoots with Vogue Italy online, Harper's Bazaar, Chasseur Magazine and many more. For the last two years she also specialized in perfect manicure skills.



Asta's career begins in medicine, where she graduated in nursing in Lithuania until she decided to move to Germany where she worked in a luxury spa, focussing on manicures and pedicures. in 2007 Asta made the move to the UK. Since then, she has developed and perfected her craft as well as picked up new skills such as LPG and laser treatments. She has worked with numerous VIP clients over the years, ensuring hight standards and quality for every single client.



After his studies at the University of Naples, Vincenzo decided to move to London to join the GA Team in 2020. Here in our Salon, he follows his passion for herbs, plants and flowers, studying the properties to create the perfect blends for hair treatments and colours.