Our new E-Commerce shop online!

We are pleased to announce the Launch of our brand new online shop. It has been long in the making and it has taken slightly longer than anticipated. We firstly wanted to make sure, we are able to source the best possible products for you whilst echoing our customers and fans demands for personal care, […]

Paris Fashion Week Hair Trends!

It is an event anticipated highly by Fashion and Make-up aficionados worldwide and of course a week we eagerly await here at GA Salons. It always includes some of the most charming makeup and hair looks of the year. Like most of our fans and customers, we are inspired by the many beauty looks we […]

The best gifts for Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are tremendously excited (as always, we must admit) to hear all our fans and staff stories about how they celebrated. Valentine’s Day presents and gifts are all about how well you know your partner but also how far you are willing to go to show your […]

How Organic Hair Colouring Works

How Organic Hair Colouring Works When it comes to our hair care we have a tendency to ‘stick with what works’ and it can be daunting to step outside of what our comfort zone and take a chance on unknown products. Organic hair care has been growing in popularity rapidly and its benefits and results […]