How to get stronger, fuller looking hair

We all want to have healthier thicker and stronger hair but sometimes that pursuit can be frustrating to achieve. Most of us are willing to try and buy anything to help us achieve long, thick healthy hair. Fortunately, we have some key tips on what you need to know about growing thick and strong hair. […]

How to Blow-Dry your Hair at Home!

It has been a difficult week for everyone and also here for us at GA Salons, with our 4 stores having to be closed due to the Government instructions on the current pandemic ravaging the world. We are normally used to seeing all our beloved customers and fans in our London Salons and sharing their […]

Happy Holiday Season from Our Team

It is already that time of the year again. Christmas is just around the corner and excitement is already building as we make the last shopping chores, decorate our homes and prepare for Xmas eve. So now that you have enjoyed your Christmas staff party and all gifts are all wrapped and under the tree […]