Hair Care Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Chances are you’ve probably heard them all – “don’t use conditioner if you have oily hair” and “cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster”. Some of the hair care tips we know today have been passed down from generation to generation and they have never really been questioned. We have almost accepted these long-standing […]

The Best Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone!

How to Find the Best Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone! Picking the right hair colour to match ones skin tone is one of the most common requests we get here at! Most of our requests are based on wanting a look similar to a celebrity but to get the best for your hair, […]

3 Autumn Colours to Try with GA Salons

Here at GA Salons we aim to be pioneers of hair styling and colouring and are going to be regularly updating our blog with news and recommendations from our stylists and of course Gennaro himself. In 2018 hair trends were all about attention-grabbing and extravagant transformations, but this year we’ve seen a rise in popularity […]