Explaining your next cut to your stylist

Getting your hair cut is an exciting experience that you want to get right every time you visit your hairstylist. You want to get to a point where you can walk in, relax and know that you’re going to get the results your dream off.  These tips from our inhouse stylist will help you to […]

Social Distancing Hairstyles 101!

It has been a busy week here at GA Salons as we are making sure to add many new measures, in line with Government directives in all our locations. From social distancing to facial masks and regular cleaning, there are many aspects we need to attend to, in order to ensure our customers feel right […]

GA Focus: Paolo Cappato – Creative Director

As the pandemic wreaks havoc in our lives, we all try to maintain some normal habits and live our life to the fullest possible. Considering the restrictions, and our GA Salons closure, it was key for us to be able to preserve our relationship with our fans and customers as they are the reason GA […]