Save Your Hair From Hard Water

Hard water is considered hard when there is a high content of minerals present in the water. More specifically, calcium and magnesium. These excess mineral deposits have a tendency to leave a build-up in baths, sinks and leave mineral deposits on glassware. Over time this can cause damage to clothing and after washing, clothes may […]

Trend Alert: Face Framing Highlights

Face framing highlights are the latest hair colour trend on the scene and it’s making us feel some serious nostalgia for flip-up mobile phones and clunky Doc Martens. This 90’s highlight hairstyle was originally made popular by icons like the Spice Girls and Olsen twins. In contrast to other softer hair colouring techniques like balayage, […]

What to eat for healthy hair

When it comes to healthy skin, we all know that eating a healthy balanced diet contributes to keeping skin healthy and is the secret to achieving its natural glow. Just like skin, our hair also needs the proper nutrients to help nourish each strand. Its easy for us to forget about the importance of our […]

French Girl Fringe and how to maintain it

Set to be the latest hair trend everywhere this summer, there is one particular style that’s set above all others: the French girl fringe! The French girl fringe is the perfect bang for a chic effortless look. It’s such a versatile look that can be tailored to work with different hair textures and different face […]

How to get stronger, fuller looking hair

We all want to have healthier thicker and stronger hair but sometimes that pursuit can be frustrating to achieve. Most of us are willing to try and buy anything to help us achieve long, thick healthy hair. Fortunately, we have some key tips on what you need to know about growing thick and strong hair. […]

7 Tips to correctly wash your hair!

Not cleansing your hair correctly can cause build-up and dull your hair which is something we have been told many times, since we resumed taking appointments again and speaking to our beloved customers. Now the isolation measures are easing and the sun is proudly (and loudly) making his appearance for many of us, bad hair […]

Proud additions to our GA Team!

We are pleased to announce our GA Team is growing rapidly thanks to all your support and love all these years! Our new Gennaro Dell’Aquila program is also starting to allow us to reap the rewards of our hard work and we of course are always on the look-out for highly qualified Hair and Beauty […]

The Hottest Hair Trends of 2019

There’s no better way to ready yourself for the upcoming New Year than with a fresh new hair colour and styling. Classy, comfortable, relaxed or elegant, we have chosen the 4 hottest Hair trends for this upcoming new season as well as some eye-catching images to help you choose your favourite style. We’ve put together […]