7 Short Hair Care & Hair Styling Tips

If you are having one of those “short hair, don’t care” kind of months, you are just at the right place. Short hair allows you to externalise your inner and outer beauty by allowing your confidence to flourish, whilst embracing your facial features. With the list of celebrities going for the chop growing exponentially recently, […]

How To Prevent Getting Split Ends

Split ends are pretty much inevitable and are not just the result of common wear and tear. We all get split ends from time to time thanks to daily styling with hot heated tools, the way in which we rub our hair dry with a towel and even due to what materials we sleep on […]

Our new E-Commerce shop online!

We are pleased to announce the Launch of our brand new online shop. It has been long in the making and it has taken slightly longer than anticipated. We firstly wanted to make sure, we are able to source the best possible products for you whilst echoing our customers and fans demands for personal care, […]

Light up your Hair with Shatush!

The time for our salons to re-open is getting ever closer. As saddened as we may be about the millions of people worldwide suffering with the pandemic, it is also paramount for us all to show resolve, strength, compassion and battle through these hard times. As the government restrictive measures and lock-down are slowly – […]

How to take care of your hair at winter!

Its winter time again you wіll surely fееl the еffесt оf it оn your hair and ѕkіn as we all do. Whether уоu have curly, kinky оr соіlу hаіr, keeping your hair hydrated and taken care of in winter periods is key to its longevity and health. There are a variety or remedies, natural treatments […]

Dry Hair Tips for this Winter!

As wintertime has arrived (most definitely the past week), so have the effects of that cold and dry winter air on your hair. Yes, you know what we are talking about. Frizz, static hair and of course dryness. Constant exposure to the harsh cold elements outside and regular changes of environment to heated indoors can […]