Best Wishes from our GA Salons Team

It’s officially our favourite time of the year ? Despite the difficult year, we have all had and the consecutive lockdowns. Christmas is always a year to rejoice, celebrate and remember the good times from the year that just went by. That may sound difficult, especially this year but it is key for all of […]

How to deal with an Oily Scalp & Dry Ends

Everyone’s hair is unique and as such we all have different hair types. From dealing with dry, oily or normal hair types, it can be difficult to manage. While many resources exist for each individual type, having a combination of the two may be a little harder to control. We know that you are probably […]

Prepping your Hair for your next Appointment!

We are tremendously excited about being able to book appointments again. That is not something we really need to stress. We have a special relationship with our customers and knowing how long they have been wanting to visit us, it is only natural we cannot wait to see you all again. But did you know […]

4 Hairstyle Trends to try this summer!

As the isolation measures are widely being relaxed and we are actively now taking appointments, we all are starting to dream again of that potential summer holiday, night out or weekend away. When it comes to summer hairstyles, cuts, and designs it is always important to take your plans and weather into consideration. Sun, sea, […]

How to grow longer hair, this summer!

Growing your hair long may seem like a good or simple idea, but for the majority of people, length does not come naturally.  If you are also obsessed with growing your hair long, you will probably already know that it is not an “over-night” (or even many nights) thing. It requires a number of steps […]

Social Distancing Hairstyles 101!

It has been a busy week here at GA Salons as we are making sure to add many new measures, in line with Government directives in all our locations. From social distancing to facial masks and regular cleaning, there are many aspects we need to attend to, in order to ensure our customers feel right […]

Paris Fashion Week Hair Trends!

It is an event anticipated highly by Fashion and Make-up aficionados worldwide and of course a week we eagerly await here at GA Salons. It always includes some of the most charming makeup and hair looks of the year. Like most of our fans and customers, we are inspired by the many beauty looks we […]

Our New & Updated Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand  new website with the help of CFM Group! Our aim was to offer our customers and the public a user-friendly, easy to navigate new platform, allowing customers and visitors to comfortably browse for information on our expertise, learn more about our team and philosophy and […]