5 Tips for Girls with Curly Hair

Anyone with curly hair can attest to the fact that taming curly hair can be a challenge. It can take a lot of failed attempts before finding the right products and hair care routine. Curly hair can be difficult to tame daily and not to mention, keeping dryness away can also be a battle. There […]

LPG Treatment at GA Salons

We are pleased to announce that amongst our expert services offered at GA Salons, we are now also able to offer a variety of Beauty and Cosmetic treatments. We have ensured to equip our salons with the best therapists and experienced beautician whilst offering them the best equipment in the market in order to ensure […]

Hair Care Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Chances are you’ve probably heard them all – “don’t use conditioner if you have oily hair” and “cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster”. Some of the hair care tips we know today have been passed down from generation to generation and they have never really been questioned. We have almost accepted these long-standing […]

A guide on hairbrushes – Which to buy & Why!

Most people tend to have that favourite hairbrush, they have used for years and like how it works. But did you know that in reality, if you are looking for the best for your hair, you should shop your brushes and combs much more meticulously? Choosing the right brush for your hair and also making […]

How to grow longer hair, this summer!

Growing your hair long may seem like a good or simple idea, but for the majority of people, length does not come naturally.  If you are also obsessed with growing your hair long, you will probably already know that it is not an “over-night” (or even many nights) thing. It requires a number of steps […]

Social Distancing Hairstyles 101!

It has been a busy week here at GA Salons as we are making sure to add many new measures, in line with Government directives in all our locations. From social distancing to facial masks and regular cleaning, there are many aspects we need to attend to, in order to ensure our customers feel right […]

Book your Appointment with GA Salons!

It has been a long time coming. It has been something we have been waiting for. It has been something you have been waiting for. We are pleased to announce, that we are now able to take appointments again for our salons. We know you have -as have we – missed those relaxing facials, unique vegan […]

GA Salons supporting our NHS workers!

It has been a difficult period for all us during this pandemic. No matter the industry (with a few exceptions), most people have had their daily lives majorly disrupted and the professional uncertainty casting doubts over their future has equally added to their worries. As we have tried to keep interaction with our friends and […]

GA Focus: Elena Encheva – Salons Manager

As the quarantine continues, we are all having to find creative ways to not only necessarily promote our businesses, but to also keep ourselves active and helpful for all our customers and fans. With this in mind – and your many many facebook message requests – we have decided to continue our 1-to-1 video interviews […]