Fieno Greco


It is a plant of the Febaceae family.
Cultivated in Egypt and Indian sub-continent, fenugreek has many uses: alimentary, medical and for the production of cosmetics products.

It has volumizing and strengthening properties; it is ideal for dry and emptied hair, as it makes it strong, nourished and silky.
It can also be used for gloss treatments or added to the colouring mixtures to make the batter more creamy.

Curious facts:
Fenu greek’s seeds include flavonoids alkaloids, coumarins, vitamins, and saponins. The most important Alkaloids is Trigonelline, which is used to reduce biomarkers in people who suffer from diabetes.
Dry fenugreek was found in the Tutankhamon’s grave because it was one of the basic elements of Egyptian food.

Trigonella Foenum Graecum Seed Powder

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