Hair dryer diffusers are easy to use styling tools that not only deliver amazing results, but actually help protect your hair from heat damage and encourage faster styling. Elchim’s Cocoon bidiffuser is a specially made attachment for the brand’s 3900, Light and 8th Sense professional blow dryers.

It won’t fit any other dryer, so if you’re a current or future owner of these products, make sure you pick one up today to start styling your hair to perfection.

With the Cocoon bidiffuser, you’re basically getting 2 great diffusers in 1! It comes with a grid that dries curls in a natural style along with an additional flat piece that goes on top to dry hair without moving it, which is ideal for more complex hairstyles. Choose your look, adapt the the diffuser accordingly, and get ready to be wowed.

This new generation diffuser was made in Italy using heat resistant nylon and is ideal for women with curly hair or ladies looking to create natural hairstyles. The Cocoon can be used to add incredible volume to any hair type without frizzy flyaways. The first module sets the hairstyle without breaking your hair, while the second allows for rapid, natural drying.


This two-in-one professional diffuser creates and sets fantastic hair volume. The first module sets the hairstyle without breaking the hair, the second allows for rapid, natural drying for curly hair


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