Cassia obovata, or, as some call it, “neutral henna,” is a plant that can help your hair in a multitude of ways. Native to Africa and Asia, this plant is usually processed into a fine powder. It has a sebum-balancing and polishing effect, it is ideal for intervening on damage caused by chemical dyes.
It is useful for thin and glassy hair in order to give it health and shininess. it also adds volume to the hair, as well as defining curls, because the plant will help curls form back to their natural shape.
Curious facts: while the Greeks used to use it to flavour wine, Cassia is now used in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs.
Cassia bark is used as a flavouring agent, for candies, desserts, baked goods, and meat, and it’s also specified in many curry recipes.

Cassia Obovata

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