Dandruff: What It Is & How To Get Rid Of It

No matter the season, a dry, flaky scalp can be a pesky problem.  We know that dandruff can be extremely embarrassing to deal with. Visits to the salon can start to feel awkward, you avoid wearing darker colours to minimise the appearance of those irritating flakes. Dandruff can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially within social settings, it can lead you to feel quite self-conscious.

For some, this may be a longstanding problem and for others just a short-lived experience. Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that dandruff can be difficult to tackle.

So, what exactly is dandruff?

According to dermatologists, dandruff is a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis and presents itself in the form of white flakes. It has no relation to how often you wash your hair. Instead it is a direct result of the health on the skin of your scalp.

The yeast named malassezia is present on the scalp of most adults. In combination, your hair follicles and oil glands naturally produce an oil called sebum. You can easily tell when oil build up is present on your scalp as you reach for a dry shampoo to stretch out your wash days. Dandruff occurs when there is an excess production of sebum. This then reacts with the malassezia that is present on your scalp. Causing it to multiply rapidly, resulting in an itchy, inflamed, irritable scalp. It is best to take extra care if you notice this getting worse as it can lead to psoriasis If not taken care of properly

An important note to mention, while dandruff is usually predominantly present on the scalp, it can be found on other areas of the body. It can also be experienced behind the ears, eyebrows, and the centre of the face. This may be present on the chest, for men, as it is a common area where this condition can thrive.

Dandruff can get worse when you are stressed or sick. Cold, dry winters may trigger dandruff or make the condition worse.

How to get rid of dandruff?

Modify your diet

Foods rich in sugars and yeast can lead to dandruff flaring up. Opt-in for foods that are high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, proteins, and zinc. These food groups will help to strengthen your immune system and fight off the harmful bacteria’s. Of course, we recommend incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily meals to really boost the nourishment of the scalp.

Exfoliate your scalp

Exfoliating aids in removing the build-up of a product or natural oil that one may have sitting on the scalp. Use an exfoliating brush or scalp massager in small, circular motions to get rid of the build up and in turn boost blood circulation. Avoid using an oil to massage your scalp as this can cause your dandruff to rapidly grow.

Adapt your hair routine

Most shampoos and hair care products sold over the counter are alkaline which could possibly aggravate your scalp and hair further. While it might not have an immediate effect, continued use of alkaline products can result in the damage of your scalp, hair follicles and hair. We highly suggest you conduct thorough research first before buying the most popular anti-dandruff shampoo available in the market.

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