Hair Drying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Drying your hair may seem like a quick and simple task that you’ve already mastered as part of your hair care routine. You hop out of the shower and reach out to grab a towel or blow-dry your hair straight away without a second thought. Have you considered that what you once knew about your hair drying routine could be causing your hair strands more harm than good? It could be the cause of dry, damaged and stunted hair growth. We have highlighted some of the mistakes that we’re all guilty of when drying our hair at home. Continue to read on to find out if you recognise these most common mistakes.

Rough towel handling
It’s very common, especially when in a rush to quickly dry your hair by rubbing a towel frantically over your head between the palms of your hands. This rubbing motion is quite aggressive on the hair strands, especially on wet ones. Regular bath towels are more prone to snag the ends of your hair and cause frizz. Instead, get yourself a microfiber towel, solely for the use of your hair. They have finer fibers than in a regular towel and absorb more moisture as you gently squeeze out the excess water.

Towel wrapping for too long
On the other hand, towel drying for an extended period of time can also cause damage to your hair. When you leave your hair wrapped in a towel, you’re more prone to pulling excessively the hair away from your scalp. A better alternative would be to let your hair dry naturally in the air. You can loosely braid your hair back or wear a headband to keep the hair off your face and water from tricking down your face. Airdrying requires minimal effort and most importantly is better for the health of your hair.

Use heat on dry to damp hair
You should at all costs, avoid applying direct heat to wet hair. Ever heard your hair make that “sizzling” sound as you make an attempt to straighten or curl your hair? Well, with a hot tool you are essentially frying your hair strands! Make sure before hot styling your hair is fully dry and detangled. Missing a few damp spots could end up leaving you with a couple of brunt hair strands.

Blow-dry with the nozzle attachment
We know it can be tempting to use the blow-dryer without any attachment, hoping that more air will flow onto our locks and dry our hair faster. While it may speed up your daily routine it’s not going to help you achieve the perfect blowout. If you really want that sleek look without the frizz, you’ll need to use a concentrated hair nozzle attachment. Use the blow-drying in a downwards motion as you brush your hair to achieve a sleek, shiny blowout.

We hope this guide has been helpful and encourage you to take the time to identify some of your potential bad habits. Maybe it’s time for you to make a change to your daily hair drying routine. What changes will you be making next?

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