Why is a Hair Consultation Important?

Hair consultations are an important part of hairdressing and crucial to the outcome of your hair service. Without having that initial consultation, your hairstylist will have a difficult time knowing what exactly it is that you’re looking for.  At GA Salons, we believe in providing all our clients with a consultation either when booking an appointment or before performing a new hair service. This is the perfect time to express your needs with the stylist and the point where the magic begins!. In this blog, we will give you tips on how to get the best from your consultation and highlight matters to consider asking to provide them with everything they need to give you the best hairstyle ever.

Building rapport

When you can speak with your hairstylist, naturally it will help to put you at ease as they listen to your requirements. This is your opportunity to speak up about what you want, any ongoing issues you are currently dealing with and the goals you wish to achieve for the future. More so it is an opportunity to build rapport with your stylist and gives you a boost of confidence to know that you are in capable hands.

Getting it right

There are many factors that need to be considered before going ahead with a hair service that they stylist will want to discuss with you. To achieve a particular hairstyle, factors like your hair length and texture will determine the final results you can expect to achieve. Longer hair may take more time to style and therefore require more product. Perhaps a hairstyle may require the addition of extensions if hair is on the thinner side. Your stylist will be best able to advise on the likely outcome and advise what is achievable for your hair and texture. In the end, when expectations are met, you will be incredibly happy with the results of your service.


If you are planning on colouring or lightening your hair, skin /patch test are necessary to ensure you are not receiving any allergic reactions to the chemicals that will be used. Other tests your stylist may decide to carry out could include an elasticity test to check the strength of your hair strands; a porosity test which determines the amount of products your hair can absorb and; an elasticity test determines the strength of the hair’s cortex and how much tension the hair can take when being stretched. These tests will help your stylist to determine which products to use, how to apply them and how long they will need to be developed.

Keeping a record

When you come in for a consultation, records are kept up to date with the information that was discussed as well as which hairstyle/treatment you went for.  These records are also helpful for when your regular stylist is away, a new stylist can check your records and know exactly what your needs and concerns are. Allowing you to feel confident that you will always be in safe hands no matter who is attending to your hair.

At GA salons, we believe in creating beauty through nature. Our sole aim is to guide our clients on a journey to rediscovering their natural beauty. Please do remember, that we have been closed for a little while and hence have a large list of appointments already, but we will do everything we can to get you in, as soon as possible. We thank you all for your patience and understanding at these difficult times and look forward to seeing you all again.

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