7 Short Hair Care & Hair Styling Tips

If you are having one of those “short hair, don’t care” kind of months, you are just at the right place. Short hair allows you to externalise your inner and outer beauty by allowing your confidence to flourish, whilst embracing your facial features. With the list of celebrities going for the chop growing exponentially recently, now is definitely the time for you to try that short cut you always wanted but never dared, do.

Deciding to get your hair cut is not a quick decision at any time, so cutting it really short makes it even harder. We know that. We have experienced it ourselves. That’s why we have our resident experts Gennaro and Paolo, as well as industry insiders to bring you the ultimate tips and tricks to keep short tresses looking beautiful and healthy at the same time.

Make sure it’s a style that works with your hair

You’re going to want a style that is easy to maintain so firstly we must take into consideration your hair texture and how it naturals falls around your face. Your new hair cut should make mornings more effortless as you spend less time manipulating it into a style.

Wash your hair often

Shorter hair tends to get oily much faster than longer lengths as the natural oils from your scalp is able to flow down to the ends of your strands more quickly. So it’s absolutely normal to have to wash your hair more often to keep your scalp cleansed and remove excess product build-up from your hair.

Use gentler products

It’s best to use cleansing products that do not contain harmful ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate as these can strip away too much of your natural oils and leave hair feeling dry. If you do need to wash your hair every day, find gentler products catered towards short hair lengths.

Pack Up the Hairdryers

Whether you have long or short hair, all hair types and lengths can benefit from air-drying on a regular basis. Find hairstyles that allow you to incorporate airdrying without sacrificing your style, like using a wave spray to emphasises natural, carefree tousled waves or placing your hair in a braid as you leave it to dry. Just make sure to secure your braid with a rubber band to stop it from unravelling.

Have regular trims

Depending on your haircut, you will want to make sure it remains in shape and is healthy. By keeping your hair trimmed on a regular basis you can maintain the cut more easily plus the added benefit of avoiding split ends from developing and travelling further up your strands.

Become a fan of Headbands

Instead of using tight hairbands to keep your tresses in place, opt for a headband to sweep your hair away from your face. With such a variety of colours and styles to choose from, simply select a headband that matches your personal style.

Add a new colour to your style

Sometimes a new cut alone doesn’t cut it if you want a whole new look. If you feel like reinventing yourself then why not pair it with a new colour. This is the perfect time to experiment with new colours and switch up your style. And just in case your not in love with your new colour you can simply grow it out faster than if you had longer hair.

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