French Girl Fringe and how to maintain it

Set to be the latest hair trend everywhere this summer, there is one particular style that’s set above all others: the French girl fringe!

The French girl fringe is the perfect bang for a chic effortless look. It’s such a versatile look that can be tailored to work with different hair textures and different face shapes.  So, what exactly is the French girl fringe? Well, what makes this fringe unique is its centre parting that separates the bangs into two sections. Leaving a slight gap that allows a bit of your forehead to shine through at the centre is the key to this look.

How to get the French Girl bangs?

Cutting bangs yourself at home may be tempting and usually isn’t a good idea. You want it to frame your face perfectly so put the scissors down and book an appointment at GA salons with one of our stylists. There is a lot to consider when cutting a new fringe. Our stylists will adapt their cutting technique depending on your hair texture and the length of the bang you want. Unlike other fringes where the ends of the fringe are feathered, the French girl bang should be cut across blunt to give a fuller-looking appearance.

Regular maintenance

To maintain your new fringe, we advise coming in for a trim once every 3 – 4 weeks just for a trim in between cuts. This will keep your fringe looking fresh and sharp. With this regular maintenance, your fringe will stay in the right sharp and length.

Keep it clean

As the hair is shorter here, you may need to clip your bang to either side before starting your make up to avoid excess moisture building up. You don’t want your hair to end up sticking to your forehead as you progress through the day. If a greasy fringe concerns you, make sure to blot your face after applying your moisturizer and again after makeup application to limit the amount of product transfer.

Master the blow-drying technique

After washing your hair, the fringe will be the first section to dry so it’s a good idea to start to blowdry your fringe first and then the rest of your hair. Use a round bristle brush and direct the heat in a downwards position whilst simultaneously twisting the hairbrush under. You’ll achieve a nice sleek fringe with a slight bump at the ends that will fall nicely on either side of the face. If you prefer, use Velcro rollers if you want more bounce and a heat-free alternative.

Now you have everything you need to know about French-girl bangs, from how to get them at the salon to keep them in the best condition. At GA Salons, we are passionate about creating beautiful, individually tailored hairstyles for all our guests that truly reflect their personalities.

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