How to clean your hot styling tools

Can you remember the last time you gave your hair straighteners a good wiping down? How about your hair dryer or curling wand? If you no longer get that luscious shine and bounce like you use to when using your hot tools, then now might be the best time to give your tools a much needed clean.

It’s easy to forget to take the necessary steps to keep your tools clean when we use them every day. Over a period of continually use, product residue will start to build up which may not always be visible. Along with dust and shedded hairs, this build up can cause damage to your hot tools and eventually cause serious damage to your own hair.

If you want to prevent damage caused from your styling tools and learn how to give them a much needed clean, here is what you can do.

Set a schedule

Your new cleaning frequency will depend on how often you use the tool and the amount of hair styling products you use for each session. If for example, you only use your hair straighteners once or twice a week and use a light mist of heat protectant spray, then cleaning your tool once a week is more than enough to keep it in optimal condition. On the other hand, if your hair requires the use of heavy products such as cremes and serums before using a heated tool then wiping down on weekly basis would be advisable.

Give your flat iron & curling wand a wipe

Most hot tools used are now made of ceramic which means that their outer surfaces are smooth, making it easier to clean. The easiest method to keep your flat iron and curling wands clean is to start when the tool has been unplugged and the temperature has cooled down but still warm to touch. Take a damp cloth with a small amount of washing detergent and wipe back and forth continuously until all the build-up dissolves away. You may need to repeat this step depending on how stubborn the dirt is. Once this has been removed you can rinse and use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess residue left then leave your tool to the side to dry fully before using again.

Clean your blow dryer

Hairdryers suck air through the back vent and along the way picks up dirt and debris. After a couple of uses, it starts to clog the vent and makes the hairdryer overheat to compensate. To clean your dryer, make sure it has been switched off and unplugged before twisting the back of the vent to remove the cover. You can use a tweezer or a Q-tip to pull out as much debris and lint as possible from the filter. Use a damp cloth to wipe around the filter and allow to dry before re-attaching.

Now that you know how to keep your hair styling tools clean, you just need to keep up with your new cleaning schedule!

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