How To Prevent Getting Split Ends

Split ends are pretty much inevitable and are not just the result of common wear and tear. We all get split ends from time to time thanks to daily styling with hot heated tools, the way in which we rub our hair dry with a towel and even due to what materials we sleep on at night. These common routines are a sure way to sabotage your efforts in achieving long, luscious split free tresses.

So, what are split ends and why are they an issue? Well, a split end, in its simplest form, occurs when a single hair strand split into two. They can occur throughout the hair strand but more common and more noticeable at the ends of your hair. While a couple of split ends is completely normal, if you start to develop a large number of split ends then the hair will look dull and eventually become damaged from severe hair breakage throughout your hair strands.  Overall, it will be much harder to manipulate with tools and styling products into your favourite hairstyles.

Now you know the damage that split ends can cause, let us see how these 3 steps below can help to prevent getting them in the first place.

Squeeze your hair dry

After you have washed your hair and it is in the drying process, this becomes the most vulnerable stage for your hair. It’s a force of habit when in a rush just to rub your hair back and forth with a towel to speed up the drying process but this rubbing motion will only promote more breakage. Instead use a microfiber hair towel, which are gentler and cause less friction to hair, and squeeze the excess water out by patting and applying pressure.

Blow-dry technique

Allow your hair to dry anywhere between 60 – 90% before attempting to blow dry your hair. The less time you spend pointing direct heat to your hair to dry, the better. Too much excess heat can fry the ends of your hair and make them brittle over time.

Avoid abrasive hair colouring

Hair dyes and bleach use chemicals that are known to be harsh for our hair and lead to dry split ends. At GA Salons, we provide 100% natural and organic hair colouring whilst guaranteeing beautiful and long-lasting results. Our blends of herbs, roots and flowers are crafted and blended by us in our salon using only the freshest ingredients. Our service is truly bespoke as we make each blend individually, tailored around your specific desires.

If our advice has come just a tad too late and you’re in need of a trim to get rid of those damaged split ends, then do not forget we are now able to take appointments again through our email. Please do remember, that we have been closed for a little while and hence have a large list of appointments already, but we will do everything we can to get you in, as soon as possible. We thank you all for your patience and understanding at these difficult times and look forward to seeing you all again.

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