Prepping your Hair for your next Appointment!

We are tremendously excited about being able to book appointments again. That is not something we really need to stress. We have a special relationship with our customers and knowing how long they have been wanting to visit us, it is only natural we cannot wait to see you all again.

But did you know that prepping your hair for your next appointment at GA Salons is equally as important as your appointment itself? Making sure you follow some little steps before you visit will guarantee you get the most out of your time with your favourite stylist, whether that is Gennaro, Paolo or one of our other experienced members of staff. Taking a little time out to prepare appropriately for your hair appointment will lead to better results and allow you to leave the salon satisfied.

So let’s have a look at a basic “salon etiquette”, and some things you could do yourself, to try and get the best results out of your hair cut, colouring or whatever else it may be you wish to have, on your next visit.

Book In Advance – Get an appointment

As we are currently not able to take walk-in appointments, it is important you ensure you have pre-booked your appointment and also informed us fully of the treatment your hair, the days that suit you and of course the appropriate time. This will ensure you definitely get your hair treated on the day and you enjoy the pampering you have longed for a while now.

Know what you want – Bring a picture

A picture speaks a thousand words in this case indeed. Knowing exactly what you want, within realistic terms is crucial to you getting the best result on the day. Even though our stylists have many years of experience – so they would probably not have an issue comprehending the style you want by simply describing it – it is always best to bring a visual representation of what you want with you to show examples of the style you desire.

Inform your stylist of your daily hair routines

In order to get the best possible result, do not forget to explain how much time you usually spend styling your hair to your stylist. Make sure to also let them know about any products or equipment that you use and how often you tend to dye and wash your hair. This will allow them to get a better understanding of your hair and what is possible on the day.

Hair Colouring appointment  etiquette

If you have had enough of the same colour and are coming to our Salon for our famous organic, hair colouring, make sure that you have completed a recent allergy test before your appointment. This is vital as it may result in you not being able to have your hair coloured on the day. In addition, try not to shampoo your hair on the same day of your colour service as the oils your hair produces will naturally give added protection to your scalp and skin when the colour is applied.

Arriving at GA Salons for your treatment

Arriving at your appointment on time is also highly important. Our current appointment times are structured in such a way so as to allow time for our stylists to provide a thorough consultation, shampoo & conditioning (if required), and offer you aftercare advice. Arriving late could affect the timing of your appointment and also the stylists’ other appointments for the rest of the day.

We are now able to take appointments again through our email. Please do remember, that we have been closed for a little while and hence have a large list of appointments already, but we will do everything we can to get you in, as soon as possible. We thank you all for your patience and understanding at these difficult times and look forward to seeing you all again.

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