4 Hairstyle Trends to try this summer!

As the isolation measures are widely being relaxed and we are actively now taking appointments, we all are starting to dream again of that potential summer holiday, night out or weekend away. When it comes to summer hairstyles, cuts, and designs it is always important to take your plans and weather into consideration.

Sun, sea, and sand are not exactly your Hairs’ best friend and it is consequently paramount to choose hairstyles that can withstand hot and humid weather.

So let’s have a look at 4 of the many popular hairstyles and cuts for this summer’s public appearances and not only.

Rope Braid Ponytail

The rope braid ponytail is this summer’s newest obsession and is often referred to as the “Festival Look” for all. All you need is a brush, hair serum, two hair ties, and a bit of patience. It can be “worn” on both a professional or casual night out depending on your outfit and is generally really easy to dress up or down with matching jewellery.


It’s not blonde, it’s not quite brunette; it’s somewhere in the middle. Bronding (Brunette and Blonde) is the term coined from the perfect marriage between brown and blonde hair. Bronde is the latest trend taking over from Ombre and Balayage as the celebs favourite new hairstyle. The key to bronding, is to have lots of your natural base colour showing through

Simply visit our Salon and let our stylists blend in those highlights by incorporating subtle shimmers of a lighter shade. This will allow your natural features to shine through and help you achieve that Golden look.

The Wet Look

Opt for a high shine and high gloss this summer, with the always popular wet look. You do not have to overdo it with the gel and just focus on activating that glowing look in your hair. Simply apply hair gel from your mid-lengths to the end and make sure to use a little amount of gel each time and simply add on as needed. Then simply spray your hair with an organic hair spray and try to use a high-end conditioner from our brand new Online shop to thoroughly nourish your locks.

The Celeb Style

Often also referred to as the “Money Piece”, this colour based style starts by first lightening your hair. It then adds emphasis by adding a bright frame around the front hairline for extra glamour. This technique will not only make the rest o your hair sparkle but also allow your natural complexion to come out. It finally requires minimal maintenance and is hence ideal for the upcoming summer where appearances may be few but as important as ever.

If you have also been “craving” one of the stylish cuts above, do not forget, we are now able to take appointments again through our email. Please do remember, that we have been closed for a little while and hence have a large list of appointments already, but we will do everything we can to get you in, as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and for support during these unprecedented times and look forward to seeing you all again.

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