A guide on hairbrushes – Which to buy & Why!

Most people tend to have that favourite hairbrush, they have used for years and like how it works. But did you know that in reality, if you are looking for the best for your hair, you should shop your brushes and combs much more meticulously?

Choosing the right brush for your hair and also making correct use of it can be the deciding factor in achieving that perfect hair look, you have always desired. With the variety of brushes available nowadays, finding the right hair brush can be quite tricky and not so easy to find. However, considering that this will be an item you will end up using on a daily basis, it’s probably worth the search and effort.

Choosing a hairbrush should not be a one-off thing. Just like your makeup set (yeah, the on that constantly gets renewed and has new brushes added to it), you should also make sure you have more than just one hairbrush. Whether you wish to bring your natural curls out again, untangle those stubborn knots or simply go for a straight hair look, have a look at our useful guide compiled for you below and rest assured, your hairbrush hunt will be over sooner than you thought.

Round blowdry hairbrush

If you’re in need of getting the ultimate blowout at home then the round hairbrush is the ideal brush to use. Generally, these brushes will be made with a metal barrel that will heat up when using alongside your blow-dryer. This allows the hair to blow dry faster and deliver the desired amount of volume to your hair. Its shape easily allows you to wrap the ends of your hair around the brush as you blow-dry, to create soft waves.

Paddle brush
The paddle brush is another useful piece you should always have in your armory if you have naturally curly hair. It is great for untangling your hair easily, with minimal discomfort and in a fairly swift and fast fashion. Its’ rectangular surface allows you to have full control whilst also providing exceptionally smooth results without breaking the natural pattern of your curly hair.

Wide-tooth comb

For those with curly hair, the wide-tooth comb is best used when brushing wet hair. It allows you to evenly distribute conditioning hair treatments onto your hair and create that healthy, vibrant, and hydrated look.

Detangling brushes are made with widely-spaced plastic bristles that are perfect for removing those suborn knots. Their flexible bristles are designed to flex just the right amount to detangle and smooth the hair cuticles. So no need to pull out knots and put extra tension on your scalp.

Teasing hairbrush

The teasing brush is great for all hair types but especially for those seeking the illusion of fuller thicker hair. Simply part your hair into small sections using the pointed end of the brush and hold a section of the hair vertically. Place the brush two inches from your roots and in one sweeping motion, gently brush hair down towards your roots. Repeat this process throughout to achieve a full look.

Other than obviously allowing you to comb or brush your precious mane as you wish, a good hairbrush is guaranteed to prevent those dreaded “bad hair days”, cause less breakage and provide you with that stylish look you want. Last but not least you valuable skills on how to use it and the effect it can have on your hair and curls.

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