How to grow longer hair, this summer!

Growing your hair long may seem like a good or simple idea, but for the majority of people, length does not come naturally.  If you are also obsessed with growing your hair long, you will probably already know that it is not an “over-night” (or even many nights) thing. It requires a number of steps to be followed that may also not always work.

Whether you have noticed that you are shedding your precious hair, or went a bit too “short” with your DIY haircut, there are definitely ways you can optimize your hair’s ability to grow longer and stronger at the fastest rate possible for you. In similar fashion to growing a thicker “mane”, it all boils down to how you treat your hair and body with an addition of a few other key details to keep in mind.

Read through our guide below, from our years of experience of working with hair and the best advice we have given ourselves, from experts in the fields of dermatology and trichology.

  • Speak to your Stylist & Dermatologist

As a beginning, it is paramount that if you’re experiencing hair thinning or even loss, you should see a dermatologist, as there may be an underlying health-related issue. He will then be able to guide you accordingly.

  • Take care of your hair

Make sure to take care of your hair like you normally would with every other part of your body. Use the appropriate shampoos and conditioners (and feel free to ask our stylists) and always brush your hair before going to bed at night. Starting at the scalp, use a boar bristle brush to distribute your scalp’s oils evenly onto your hair so it stays naturally moisturized throughout the night. Plenty of massages and masks will also help.

  • Choose the right products

If your hair is breaking off, it will normally not grow past a certain length which is why it is crucial to it’s crucial to source and use products that keep the hair shaft hydrated to help improve elasticity and strength. This will allow hair bonds to stay intact and restore your hair’s natural, shiny structure. Feel free to ask us in our GA Salons for tips and advice on the best products to use.

  • Get frequent trims

If you’re after long, healthy-looking hair, frequent trims are a Must! Not cutting your hair often enough, can lead to split ends will in turn slowly but steadily, cause your hair to break further up on the strand. This will result in your hair looking much thinner than normal and also keep it from ever getting longer past a certain point.

  • Follow a healthy/balanced diet

Following a balanced diet, might sound like a “trend” nowadays, but it can indeed have miraculous results for hair health and growth. Our body is typically already full of hair-strengthening ingredients (think: biotin, folic acid, vitamins D, A, C, and E) and a balanced diet will allow your body to harvest them for your purpose (hair growth) and of course your overall health. Some of these foods include Eggs, Berries, Spinach, Sweet potatoes, Avocados, and seeds or nuts.

  • Consider supplements

Hair vitamins are not regulated by the FDA and consequently should only be taken with the advice of your dermatologist or GP, and not in conjunction with any other medication. However, many of these have been proven to help and enhance hair growth on numerous occasions. A daily liquid dose of a B-complex vitamin helps strengthen the hair and can be easily found online. Hair growth supplements would however only be advised for those who do not follow a balanced diet.

  • Wash your hair only when needed

Washing your hair too much can often trip your hair from its naturally produced oils, hence stifling hair growth and causing dry, dull hair. Try and wash your hair no more than 3 times a week and slowly to permit those natural oils to moisturize your scalp and improve texture.

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