Our new E-Commerce shop online!

We are pleased to announce the Launch of our brand new online shop. It has been long in the making and it has taken slightly longer than anticipated. We firstly wanted to make sure, we are able to source the best possible products for you whilst echoing our customers and fans demands for personal care, during this difficult period.

The isolation has undoubtedly forced a lot of us, to try our hand our dying, styling and even changed our usual shampoo or conditioner. Being inside daily has also nonetheless, harmed our hair and perhaps over “touching”, washing and caring for it, has taken its toll as the pandemic continues to keeps us all “in”. Whilst things are slowly but steadily opening up again and we will soon be announcing our opening times for all our 4 salons. However, we were inundated with requests from our beloved customers, to help them source their favorite products..the ones they always used at GA Salons. We had to d something about that..and fast!

..and this is how the seed for our new e-shop was planted, thanks to your love. This love and support, has now bared its fruits as we are proud to announce its launch. Our new e-commerce website, allows our loyal and new customers, to browse through a variety of hair products as well as tools of the “trade”. Whether you are looking for a shampoo, masks, daily treatment or simply a new hair dryer/bi-diffuser, we have scoured the market and found the best items, we also use on your hair, in our Salons. Explore our range of unique products and styling tools to ensure, your upcoming outing, allows you to shine and glow like you normally would, if visiting our Salons.

The majority of our products, are from our partner and market Pioneer, Oway. Oway have been producing co-sustainable hair & skin care treatments with essential oils and bio-dynamic ingredients for a decade. Their products are all 100% recyclable glass and aluminum packaging. Buy online today! Discover the Organic Way with our range of organic hair care, styling, treatment and beauty products. Biodynamically farmed & ethically sourced.

Organic Way (Oway)’s line of professional organic hair color, care and styling products are made with pure essential oils and no toxic ingredients. Feel free to have a look at our shampoos, styling tools, masks, styling products, daily essentials, treatments, volumizers, as well as our products for men.

Do not hesitate to Follow and Watch our Daily Live Facebook Videos here, or contact us below in the comments section with any Blog ideas you may have as our Salons remain closed until further notice and information, provided by National Health UK and UK Government.

Let’s all #StayAlert and StaySafe  – Let’s Stand Together to Fight this virus – We thank you all for your patience and understanding.

We’d love to hear your view or answer your questions, so do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to book your next visit at GA Salons with Gennaro, send us an email at [email protected] or Follow our social media channels below on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

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