Do’s & Don’ts of Isolation Hair Care!

As the pandemic continues and its subsequent closures have forced us all to isolate, we’re all left to our own devices when it comes to hair care. It has been over 4 weeks that our salons have now been closed and for some of us that month is “showing” on our heads.

Whether it’s an attempt to recreate your teenage curls, a dye job or a quick trim, the boredom caused by the pandemic isolation and the knowledge that you will probably not be seeing anyone for a  while provides the perfect platform to try something new and see what you can do with your hair.

However, it is key you do not go too far and are fully aware of what you can and should do whilst experimenting with your hair and what could potentially cause permanent damage.

It’s time for you to take control of your hair and make sure you follow the right practices to ensure you are not causing any damage to your precious mane. Here’s what our hair care GA Experts say you should and shouldn’t try to do yourself whilst at home and in isolation from the outside world.

Things to Do with your Hair

  • Do try a clip-in fringe before making a chop

What we are really trying to say here, is take things slow. The isolation has affected us all, so you do not want an impulsive cut with a disastrous results. You can find a great variety of wigs and clip-in fringes online. Simply choose a couple you like and try a few things out before starting on your hair. You will gain more confidence and also understand what does and doesn’t work when it comes to cutting hair.

  • Be creative learning new techniques through Youtube

This is the time to try new things so make sure to have a look at a lot of examples online and also share what you are considering of doing with our hair stylists. Always read the comments below the videos you watch and make sure you follow advice for hair related to yours.

  • Chat with your stylist

Our stylists and hair experts are always available at your disposal via our Blog, or Social media pages. Feel free to reach out to them for advice on what you are thinking of trying out as they will know your hair and what works for you.

Oh, an make sure to book your appointment them with them first, as soon as GA Salons re-opens and lock-down is a thing of the past.

  • Plan ahead for when salons reopen

As the lockdown measures seem to be easing in the UK, we will await official guidance as to when we are able to re-open our Salons in Chelsea, Wimbledon, Notting Hill and London Bridge. We have already started receiving many requests and messages via our social media pages so feel free to email us if you would like to know more on when we can start taking appointments again.

Things Not to Do with your Hair

  • Don’t trim while your hair is wet

It is crucial to make sure your hair is adequately dry before you starting trimming the edges off. Be certain to use sharp, high quality scissors and point them up to cut, rather than doing a wobbly straight across cut as that will affect the overall result.

  • Don’t try dyes you have never used before

As we all know, dyes can have a long lasting effect on your hair. You will indeed achieve that amazing look when visiting our salons and using our carefully curated, organic dyes. Nonetheless, trying highly chemical and ambiguous dyes purchased online that promise dream colours, is probably something you wish to avoid. If you do really want a colour-change, direct colour – meaning one you don’t mix with peroxide and other chemicals – is ideal.

  • Wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair daily, especially when sweating in the summer is usually a given. However, this is not the case at the moment as we all rarely leave our homes. It is hence not necessary to wash your hair daily and cause an unnecessary strain to your locks. If that is really “not your thing” then simply wash them out with semi-hot water as you normally would if using a shampoo.

  • Don’t “play” with bleach

We know it sounds tempting, we have thought about it too. But nonetheless, we also know the damage it can cause to your hair so please, avoid bleaching your own hair at all costs. You will probably end up with orange, straw-dry hair that you instantly regret and start the whole process again, hence tiring and straining your hair.

If you are one of those people that the Do’s where a given for you, that is great to hear. However, if some of the Don’ts had also “creeped” into your daily hair-care routine, now is the time to wipe them out.

For all of our fans and customers in London that are still unsure as to whether they should book that appointment, Gennaro, our CEO is asking everyone to follow two pieces of advice: stay alert and do not touch that box dye, which could cause irreparable damage and hundreds of pounds to repair. We will keep you updated through our Blog and Social media as soon as we can, in regards to our opening times again according to government instructions.

Feel free to Follow and Watch our Daily Live Facebook Videos here, or contact us below in the comments section with any Blog ideas you may have as our Salons remain closed until further notice and information, provided by National Health UK and UK Government.

Let’s all #StayAlert and StaySafe  – Let’s Stand Together to Fight this virus – We thank you all for your patience and understanding.

We’d love to hear your view or answer your questions, so do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to book your next visit at GA Salons with Gennaro, send us an email at [email protected] or Follow our social media channels below on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

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