The Benefits of Organic Hair-Colouring

Hair colouring and experimenting with your hair, is considered a truly pleasurable and fulfilling part of  creating your identity for both women and men.  A variety of different in which you can colour your hair exist such as balayage, highlighting, ombre, or simply having a full hair colour change! However, constantly colouring your hair with harmful dyes that contain harmful chemicals, drying sulphates and other artificial ingredients can weaken your hair. It is hence crucial to not only enjoy the process of hair colouring, but also ensure you are using the best possible hair dyes available on the market.

Common users of hair dyes can attest to the fact that frequent dying will weaken your hair. Typical hair dyes will ruin your hair over time even if you stick to natural tones.

Our organic hair dyes have the opposite effect, they actually make your hair stronger! Our meticulously formulated products contain many of the same ingredients that you’d find in a hair mask or treatment.

And this is where GA Salons can help you.

In reality, anyone can walk into a store and purchase their own hair dye for a DIY session at home. However, what exactly is it doing to your hair over opting for organic hair colours at a salon is something you can only know after experiencing a Hair Colouring at one of our salons. So let’s have a look at some of the Benefits of using Organic (or Vegan) Hair dyes:

A. No Harsh Chemicals/Additives

Organic hair colours are a natural alternative and are free of PPD and other harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your hair and scalp

B. Better and Healthier results

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and organic products will improve the health of your hair and scalp in a short period of time. What is more, organic products tend to have a neutral or friendly scent unlike traditional dyes. In addition, they are generally non-harmful to the environment, and give better results due to the absence of fillers that are found in commercial synthetic products.

C. Shinnier and more Vibrant hair

Organic hair colours are created with an amalgamate of proteins and natural vegetable and plant extracts, which provide the nutrients to give your hair that natural shine and vibrant, healthy colour.

D. Eliminates Breakage

When it comes to organic hair colour dyes such as the ones we use at GA Salons, are not only good for you hair and produce fantastic results but also eliminate breakage. w

E. Produces amazing results

While it is a common misperception that natural ingredients simply would not be able to colour your hair root to tip, you would be incredibly surprised to find out that they work JUST as good as the chemically-charged hair products, if not better.

Need advice on choosing a professional hair colour with organic ingredients? Contact us now at [email protected] and leave the rest to our experienced team.

Tell us of any ideas you may have below and of course, do not hesitate to visit our Salons in London and treat yourself to a natural “face-lift” that will make you look younger and fresher by making your natural features stand out.

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