5 Top Tips for Weather-Proofing Your Hair for This Season

We all want our hair to look fantastic year-round but it’s no secret that weather and climate can greatly affect our hair. From chilling rain and raging winds this festive time of year can come with a few drawbacks. Cold, wet winter weather can take its toll on hair.


Luckily, we’ve put together this list of top tips so you’re prepared for and protected against the harder elements this season.


1.   Limit Hot Showers

We know it’s easier said than done, but avoiding overly hot showers in colder months is crucial when ensuring your skin and scalp retain their moisture. Although it’s tempting, turning up the heat too much in your shower can cause dryness and damage to the scalp. Try to keep the water lukewarm and limit baths and showers to 15 minutes.


2.   Avoid Ponytails

Colder months tend to leave us with dryer and more brittle hair. This is due to there being less moisture in the air. Try to avoid tightly pulled, high ponytails during these months as the tugging and friction of the hairband can often increase breakage. If wanting to wear your hair up, try a lower ponytail, which puts less pressure on the hair.

3.   Oil Your Hair

A dry scalp leads to dandruff and irritation. During the winter season, it’s especially important your hair stays moisturized. Keep your hair well-nourished by applying coconut oil, olive oil or any other naturally derived oil. Massage the oil into the scalp and leave it to absorb for 30 minutes for an intensive moisturizing treatment.

4.   Allow Hair to Air Dry

 We know the hairdryer is far more convenient, but it can also have damaging effects due to the heat drying out the scalp and hair. Allow hair to air dry as much as possible to prevent heat damage. If you must use the blow dryer, use the lowest heat possible and make sure to apply a heat protection formula beforehand.

5.   Eat well & Stay Hydrated

Last but certainly not least, ensure you eat a well-balanced diet and drink 8 glasses of water a day. Eating a healthy diet is vital to maintaining good hair health in any season.

In these colder months you’ll want to protect yourself starting from the inside out. A good diet filled with vitamins and minerals will give you that healthy looking hair you want, and ensuring you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water will prevent your scalp from drying out in the harsh weather.

No matter where you live, winter weather can really throw you off your mane game if you’re not prepared. With these tips you can rest easy knowing your hair can be hot even in the coldest season!


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