3 Autumn Colours to Try with GA Salons

Here at GA Salons we aim to be pioneers of hair styling and colouring and are going to be regularly updating our blog with news and recommendations from our stylists and of course Gennaro himself. In 2018 hair trends were all about attention-grabbing and extravagant transformations, but this year we’ve seen a rise in popularity with styles that have an emphasis and appreciation of natural beauty.


GA Salon are passionate about natural beauty and love creating beautiful and effortless looks centered on this. Our 20 signature blends are made using nothing but 100% natural and organic herbs, roots and flowers.


So, let’s have a look at some inspiration and simple tips on how to style your hair over the coming months? Read below to see 3 of our stunning colour shades created this fall along with images provided so as to get a better idea of your look.


A multi-dimensional light ash blonde tone. This look, created with all natural ingredients, is a hit this season, but can be worn all year round. This style is great for those who love a gradient effect for their colour. Highlights and colour grading can be a great way to give the hair extra movement and dimension without a drastic colour change.

Available at GA Salons from our stylists.


If you’re feeling confident this fall, why not take inspiration from this gorgeous shade? The combination of white and butter blonde locks come together to create a beautiful warm to cool shade. Experimenting with different tones and colouring for your roots and ends can be a great way to go lighter without all the upkeep or damage.

Available at GA Salons from our stylists.

When the light hits these waves you can really see the full vibrancy of colours, tones and highlights. This alluring and deep brunette colour has just the right amount of shimmer


mixed with lighter hued streaks. This colour is the perfect option for those looking to switch up their current shade but still want a natural looking and low maintenance style.

Available at GA Salons from our stylists.


If you’ve gained some inspiration or love any of these style, book your next visit to GA Salons now and start planning your new look with one of our experienced stylists today!


Many thanks to our happy customers for providing us with the lovely images above of their successful results.


We’d love to hear your view or if there is a colour you would prefer this autumn, so do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to book your next visit at GA Salons with Gennaro, send us  an  email  at [email protected]  or  Follow  our  social  media  channels  below  on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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